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Employment and vocational training for asylum seekers

Sechsundzwanzig Personen stehen in einer Gruppe und schauen in Richtung Himmel

You have come to Germany and would like to work here. Whether this is possible depends on your current residency status. The Federal Employment Agency will help you to find employment. Or perhaps for the time being the focus is on doing vocational training. We are happy to advise you in person. In this way you will find out how and where you can work.

If you have not yet received assistance from an employment agency or jobcentre, you should register with us.

We need some personal details as well as information on what you can do (your qualifications and career experience). Once you have entered your data, this will be forwarded to the relevant employment agency.

The best way to do this is by completing this short CV and bringing it with you to your appointment at the employment agency.


German language

Erwachsene unterschiedlicher Herkunft nehmen an einem Seminar teil.

Learning the German language

Good German language skills are important when it comes to finding a job. You can use online programmes or do a language course. You can receive more information on these at the facility where you are... more


Gruppe von Schülerinnen unterschiedlicher Herkunft mit Dokumenten in der Hand.

Getting your vocational qualification recognised

Did you receive your vocational qualification in another country? Then you should use this qualification in the German labour market!... more

Cash benefits

Eine Frau hält einen 20 Euro Schein aus Ihrem Geldbeutel in der Hand.

Securing a livelihood

If you have been recognised as a refugee, you can receive money and other benefits in accordance with Social Code II (unemployment benefit (Type II) or income support).... more

Business / self-employment

Mediathek 6426

Starting a Business / self-employment

Being self-employed is about making your own money that you and your family can live off.... more


Multinationale Gruppe von Arbeitern

Finding a job

If you have already been recognised as a refugee, you can take up any kind of work.... more


Gruppe Studenten sitzt auf der Treppe vor der Universität.

Choose an occupation and find a training place

Germany needs skilled workers. With vocational training you have a good chance of finding a job and earning Money.... more

Higher education

Gruppe von Jugendlichen mit Lernheftern im Arm.

Studying in Germany

Germany needs highly qualified workers. Studying at a German university can make a career in Germany possible for you.... more


Further informations

Logo Willkommen App

“Ankommen” (Arrive) – your app for the first steps to be undertaken in Germany

You have recently arrived in Germany and require information? You wish to know... more


Open Your Heart

Here you will find important Information on the way of life in Germany and how... more